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At Great Lakes Outreach Media, our clients are scientists, advocacy outfits, community groups, government agencies, non profit organizations, and public and private partners working to understand and address issues of public importance.  They do they important work, we contextualize it in a way that can be appreciated by diverse audiences.  Especially those audiences in a position to impact financial, structural or resource management levels.

BACK FROM THE BRINK: A Muskegon Lake Film (2019)

Client: Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership and West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission

Project goal: Inform the citizens of Muskegon about the history of Muskegon Lake as a Great Lakes Area of Concern 

Target Audience: Citizens of Muskegon, other Areas of Concern

Premiered at Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts to a crowd of 600 local citizens, followed by a panel discussion with community leaders



After years of being listed as a Great Lakes Area of Concern, Muskegon Lake is nearing a turning point as it approaches being delisted. This is great news for Muskegon! Challenges lie ahead, however, and citizens of Muskegon have opportunities they haven't been afforded in the past, like having a lake that no longer suffers from beneficial use impairments. This film explores where we've been, how far we've come and asks some important questions about our roles as stewards of the lake in the future.


Client: Ocean Conservancy

Project goal: Highlight NOAA activities in the Great Lakes

Target Audience: Elected officials, NOAA leadership, stakeholders

Shown during Great Lakes Day 2019 on Capitol Hill, used by partners to illustrate their activities and benefits to stakeholders and user groups

In 2006, hypoxic (low oxygen) water entered the intake pipes at Cleveland Water, resulting in a public scare and low point in consumer confidence for the utility.  Not wanting to ever have a repeat of this incident, Cleveland Water proactively sought ways to understand what was coming into their intake pipes before an issue could arise.  The resulting partnership, with NOAA and their partners, have helped give Cleveland Water and its customers advanced warning, helping to keep the public safe and saving many thousands of dollars by knowing exactly when and how they they treat the water.


Client: NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries

Project goal: Showcase the unique history of Wisconsin's maritime resources in the context of a proposed national marine sanctuary in Lake Michigan

Target Audience: Wisconsin residents, NOAA leadership, potential partner organizations

The 14 sites in the ocean and Great Lakes which constitute the national marine sanctuary system is open to potential expansion.  As a result of being nominated by the citizens of Wisconsin, the designation process has slowly inched forward.  In order to illustrate why this area of Lake Michigan is unique and also worthy of sanctuary designation, this video was created to highlight this potential and to elevate an already storied place to national significance.


Client: Minnesota Sea Grant & Wisconsin Sea Grant

Project goal: Illustrate the value of equipping teachers with tools and information to better educate and engage their students with Great Lakes resources through programs like Shipboard Science

Target Audience: Decision-makers, elected officials, educators

MN and WI Sea Grant programs focus on bringing the latest science and understanding of aquatic resources to the public.  Engagements programs, educational activities, professional development, communicating with stakeholders and ensuring that future generations are equipped with the basic knowledge needed to understand and protect resources and ways of life.  A big part of that mission is to equip educators with the tools and information they need to teach students - in this case about basic water science in the Great Lakes.