Harmful Algal Blooms in Lake Erie

We are currently in production of an independent documentary project about the history, cause, and effect of toxic algal blooms in Lake Erie.

To tell this story, we are working to understand what science is telling us about why these blooms occur, how toxic they can become, and what impacts they can have on public water, recreation, tourism, and many facets of the regional economy.

Our main focus is telling the stories of the innovators in science and agriculture who are making a positive difference in a highly complex and dynamic environment, while balancing the needs of food and fuel with environmental health.

Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more as we learn more and stay tuned for the eventual release of our film "The Erie Situation" (working title) in 2020.

Our project is supported by GLOS, LimnoTech, Toledo Rotary, and CIGLR.